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How does microfiber work?

What are the advantages of work clothes made of microfiber?

In the field of workwear, microfiber is used for functional garments that are used in all types of outdoor activities.

The advantages of microfiber compared to other traditional fabrics such as cotton are the following:

  • It composes soft and tactile garments that are not deformable: it is very difficult for them to stretch or give of themselves and to wrinkle, so we forget the need to iron them.
  • Microfiber is strong and durable: it resists a lot of washing and at high temperatures, so they are perfect garments like workwear (antifrío) because it is clothing that is used every day and that is subject to a high frequency of washing.
  • It has an enormous absorbent capacity (twice as much as cotton): this is interesting in the sense that, as we have seen above, it is capable of absorbing dirt including bacteria and other germs, making it a very hygienic fabric (in addition to which can be washed very often).
  • It has anti-pilling properties: no balls are formed and no threads are released as their use multiplies.
  • It is a breathable fabric: evacuates sweat so that in the middle of physical exercise, it is not annoying for the worker who wears a microfiber garment.
  • Forms lightweight and flexible garments: this is important especially when doing physical work for which freedom of movement is crucial.
  • Microfiber has the ability to isolate wind and water: these garments are specially designed to withstand low temperatures and the effects of inclement weather such as wind or water (with the capacity of a waterproof fabric, not 100% waterproof).

In Adil the range of microfiber garments focuses on work clothes against the cold and, inside it, we find polar linings with microfiber, polar jackets with microfiber and accessories for the cold: hats and polar collars.

  • Mar 19, 2019
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